A radical group called ShutDownDC is circulating a strategy of what committed activists should do if President Donald Trump wins a closely-contested election on November 3rd. The activists format their call for mass “disruption” as a guidebook of what to do if Trump attempts to stay in power after being voted out of office, but you don’t have to read too far between the lines to see it for what it really is: A guide to mass protests and even revolution to be set off in the eventuality that Trump actually wins the election.

It should also be noted that there appears to be no acknowledgement in the virtual document that the president does not abdicate office the day after the election, regardless of which way the vote goes.

“Preventing Donald Trump from stealing the election and remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive movements all over the country,” the group advised.

In the document, ShutdownDC explains that activists must target power structures in order to preserve democracy.

“In the context of a coup or highly contested election we need to be clear that our actions must directly affect the structures and pillars of power,” they write. “Our largest asset in this regard utilizes the ideas of non-compliance through massive, broad based direct action. Where we can, we need to be in the streets, on the highways, or at the sites of power and power holders. In our jobs and lives we must refuse to allow those taking control the legitimacy of the power they seek through strikes, slowdowns, and boycotts, and public refusal to accept an illegitimate ruling party.”

Can we take a moment to appreciate how these radicals see a “coup” and a “highly contested election” as basically the same thing?

It’s almost as good as this part: “Trump may try to declare himself the victor before the votes are counted, or Fox News might call the race. Those who can should be prepared to take action against those who are feeding into the stolen election narrative, including social media companies that are letting falsehoods or incitements to violence spread.”

Uh-huh. So if Fox News – a cable network that has never been accused of anything but fairly projecting election results – calls it for Trump on the night of the election, these imbeciles are going to take to the streets? That doesn’t sound like a group preparing to stop a coup. It sounds like a group intending to unleash one.

“We cannot wait to see how the chips fall. That will only ensure more power for the violent white supremacist machine that is the Trump administration and its supporters,” the group says. “We want to be clear here, though: we are not a group of Biden supporters. This is not about ensuring that the Democrats win, but actually preparing for the possibility that white supremacist violence will continue.”

Dozens of cities in flames this year because of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but we need to be concerned about the “violent white supremacist machine”? How fascinating.

We’ve known for a long time that the left is not going to take a Trump victory well. Now we see the first stirrings of the rebellion they have planned.