The Minnesota Freedom Fund was briefly the cause célèbre of the Black Lives Matter world when activists, rich liberals, and actual celebrities discovered that, through donating to the organization, they could help rioting protesters get out of jail on bail. Why anyone with a moral compass would want to contribute to such a cause is quite beyond our understanding, but then, who said that any of these activist liberals had a moral compass? And if they do, it’s one that’s been calibrated with fake news and raw emotions, which is just no way to go through life.

But now those who contributed to the fund are wondering what exactly the Minnesota Freedom Fund is doing with all the money they raised, seeing as how they have only spent about $200,000 of it bailing protesters out of jail.

“We are working on doing more,” the fund tweeted this week.

Upon being singled out by Hollywood and Black Lives Matter as a worthy charity, the fund explained on June 2 that it hasn’t been easy to adjust to the new normal.

“We are no longer the same organization we were one week ago,” they wrote at the time. “One week ago we were a small bail fund struggling to get anyone to listen about the harms of cash bail and pre-trial detention. We are now flooded with resources and we are going to take a beat while we marshal those. We have some big plays in mind.”

A few days later, the fund suggested that donations might be used to expand legal support for those arrested or incarcerated protesting the murder of George Floyd, and our core values and mission.”

Alas, people are not pleased.

The New York Post reports:

The backlash over the unused bailout cash was swift.

“Return the money to people NOW. Before we find a way to take it back anyway,” one person responded. “Raised 35 million and only 200k went to bail funds? Absolutely no justification for that.”

Another person tweeted, “Nah, we want receipts. You received millions.”

Someone suggested MFF use some of the money toward hiring black activists.

“Create jobs, and mobilize these funds faster to the people that need them within the community all at once,” the person wrote. “You have more than enough money to do that.”

Within four days of Floyd’s death, MFF had amassed $20 million, the New York Times reported. On its site, the fund says that number has since ballooned to more than $30 million, with donations pouring in from around the world.

Well, we’re not going to shed any tears if all of those donors wind up getting ripped off. That’s what you get when you donate your money to idiot causes that help idiot people. Don’t want to have your money stolen by criminals? Don’t give your money to organizations whose entire purpose is to help criminals get back on the streets.

These don’t seem like lessons one would need to learn first-hand, but then, no one accused social justice warriors of being the brightest bulbs on the tree.