LGBTQ Activists Put Pressure On Corporations

( – A group of LGBTQ activists is calling for campaigns to warn and pressure corporate leaders to ignore any voices who oppose representation of LGBTQ identities on their products as well as scolding the corporations who backtrack on their efforts after facing retaliation.

Following an announcement by Target last week that they would remove certain products as well as move their displays for Pride Month to the back of stores after complaints from the public, activists are putting out a call to action. Leading the call is Democratic State Sen. Scott Weiner of California, who said corporations must stand firm and pledge to refuse to cave into pressure from conservatives who oppose showing solidarity during Pride Month.

Weiner said a “clear message” must be sent “to corporate America” that if they are allies to LGBTQ-identifying people, then they have to be an ally not “just when it’s easy but… when it’s hard.”

Target is only the latest corporation to receive backlash over LGBTQ-themed advertising on products. Bud Lite took a massive financial hit after featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on their beer cans, leading to the parting of ways with their marketing executive who made the decision.

All of this is rooted in a deeper culture war taking place in America right now between those who want to see LGBTQ ideology represented everywhere in society and more conservative Americans who believe such groups are pushing their beliefs onto the rest of the country.

The rift is also a major point of contention between the Democratic Party, who are pushing the ideology in schools and in legislation, and Republicans, who are pushing back with laws of their own to mitigate the influence by banning transgender surgeries for minors and drag performances in the presence of minors.

Republicans argue specifically against pushing LGBTQ ideology onto young children, which they feel is inappropriate and goes against religious beliefs held by many conservatives.

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