Liberals in the United States look to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government as protectors of liberty and justice now that their country has fallen into the evil clutches of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Especially on the subject of illegal immigration, liberals and Hispanic activists like to point to Canada as a welcoming place for refugees and others who have fled their home countries in search of a better life. But as an excellent report on the Fox News website points out this week, while the rhetoric coming out of the Trudeau government sounds a lot different from that coming from the Trump White House, the actual policies…aren’t that much different.

From Fox:

“You can’t just come to Canada and cross the border and stay there for the rest of your life,” Pablo Rodriguez, a member of the Canadian Parliament and a government envoy to the U.S., told the Los Angeles Times. “We want to avoid a humanitarian crisis along the border.”

Rodriquez, himself an immigrant who arrived to Canada as a political refugee from Argentina, is among several Canadian lawmakers and dignitaries sent to the U.S. by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in recent months to combat misinformation about gaining asylum across the border.

He recently told a dozen immigration attorneys and immigration rights leaders in California that, while Canada welcomes immigrants and refugees, any entry must be made legally.

“We want to have an honest, transparent conversation,” Rodriguez said. “Canada is a very open country, but there are rules.”

In other words, you can come here…but you have to come here legally.

How many times did Trump say those exact words on the campaign trail?

The truth is that Canada (and Mexico, interestingly enough) has no qualms about protecting their borders from those who would try to migrate there illegally. And they take little heat from their own citizens for doing what’s best for their respective countries. That’s a hell of a lot different from the situation here, where liberals seem to WANT to see America end in destruction and lawless dismay.

…If you didn’t know better.