Inspired by the felons in the NFL, liberals across America have apparently decided it’s protest week. Again. And while we’re not particularly surprised to see Hollywood B-listers, over-the-hill singers, and Democrats join the football players in their middle finger to America, we’re a little surprised to see Georgetown law professors abandon their senses. These people are supposed to be of above-average intelligence, aren’t they? They’re supposed to have a little bit of dignity, no?

Guess we were mistaken.

So Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Georgetown University Law Center to talk a little bit about freedom of speech on Tuesday – a subject that should be of particular interest to any college campus, especially one that purports to teach students the law. But the professors and students at Georgetown decided that Sessions, by way of his association with Trump and his supposed violations of free expression (which are anything but) was not a worthy messenger. So, acting like the spoiled kids they teach, they decided to “take a knee” and protest his invitation.

In advance of Sessions’ speech, 30 faculty members signed a letter that was filled with inaccuracies about the attorney general’s record in office. In it, they accused Sessions of prosecuting a woman charged with laughing during his confirmation hearings, which is not really accurate, since those charges were brought about by the U.S. Attorney out of D.C. before Sessions was ever sworn in at the Justice Department.

They also accused Sessions’ Justice Department of failing to investigate “police shootings of unarmed black men,” which is plainly incorrect. On more than one level, actually, but we won’t go into that right now, thank you very much. Suffice to say that even supposedly learned professors of law still think “hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened…

If the professors and students had chosen to shut up and listen, they might have heard some words of wisdom from Mr. Sessions, whose speech was timely and necessary in this era of First Amendment confusion. In remarks aimed at the NFL protests, Sessions offered a stinging reminder that too many liberals seem to have forgotten: Trump, too, has the right to say what he thinks.

“The president has free speech rights, too,” Sessions said. “He sends soldiers out every day to defend this country under the flag of the United States, under the national anthem and the unity those symbol call on us to adhere to, so I agree it is a big mistake to protest in that fashion. The players aren’t subject to any prosecution, but if they take a provocative act they can be expect to be condemned and the president has the right to condemn them.”

Exactly. No one is saying we should throw these players in prison for kneeling during the national anthem. We’re expressing our OPINION that it’s a disgusting way to protest for your cause. And President Trump spoke for millions of football fans when he said it would be nice to see them fired for doing so. No one has a constitutional right to an NFL contract!