It’s impossible to know exactly where we stand with North Korea even after the heralded summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, but one thing is certain: We’re in a much better place today than we have been in more than two decades. Kim has promised his commitment to total Korean denuclearization, and while it remains to be seen if he will live up to his word (or if the U.S. is prepared to make the kind of concessions to reach that goal), it’s a much different message that we’ve been hearing. To be sure, what unfolded on Tuesday is better than the “fire and fury” cross-talk we heard last year.

But according to some liberals – like, say, Damon Linker in The Week magazine – there is no outcome to the U.S.-North Korea summit that can really be celebrated.

“Sometimes there’s just no way to win,” Linker writes. “President Trump’s Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is one of those times.

“In a worst-case scenario,” he continues, “the summit could end with blustery insults flying in both directions as the two countries head for war. The best case would seem to be that the summit concludes with Trumpian fanfare and regal pronouncements heralding the glorious future of friendly bilateral relations between Washington and Pyongyang.”

But as Linker goes on the explain, even that final outcome would “ultimately be bad.” Why? Well, he says it would give China an “enormous boost” because the U.S. would likely withdraw troops from South Korea. Okay, that’s a drawback. What else?

And this is where Linker really gets silly.

“There are the likely domestic political consequences, which could only be considered positive if you think it’s a good thing for our mendacious, hapless, impetuous, racist president to enjoy an unprecedented boost to his popularity,” he writes. “Banner headlines touting peace at the conclusion of the Singapore summit would undoubtedly raise him above at least 45 percent for the first time since the week of his inauguration. That’s a level from which Republicans would be well-placed to hold onto Congress in November — and Trump himself would be strongly situated to mount a successful bid for re-election in 2020. That would decidedly not be good news.”

Liberals have been rooting for Trump to fail from the moment he took office, but this may be the first time one of them has come out and admitted that they would rather see North Korea hold the world in terror of its nuclear insanity than to see Trump and the Republicans win another election. This is Trump Derangement Syndrome taken to its highest form, and a(nother) sign that there’s really no point in coming to an understanding with these whackos about the future of our country. They don’t want an understanding; they want an extermination of conservative America.

By literally any means necessary.