Not satisfied with merely smearing Republicans as racist, xenophobic, and sexist, liberals both inside and outside the world of politics have decided that Donald Trump and other security-conscious conservatives are actually turning moderate Muslims into radical terrorists. Despite lacking even the slightest shred of proof for this accusation, they are repeatedly and shamelessly trying to convince Americans that strong rhetoric against Islamic terrorism is enabling the enemy.

At a Women’s Equality event called the Night of Comedy, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda took to the stage to accuse Trump of preying upon people’s “anxieties and racism.”

“Even if he doesn’t make it which I don’t think he will, the fact that he’s said the things he’s said about Muslims for example, the damage has been done,” Fonda said. “All those young Muslims now can say, ‘Yeah I guess they really are waging a war against us.’ It will draw them closer to the terrorists. I think it’s really, really dangerous.”

No, what’s dangerous is making outlandish statements about politicians that obscure the truth about Islamic terrorism. These celebrities and liberal pundits continually throw these unsupported claims out there, mischaracterizing Trump’s message along the way. Trump has never said one cross word about Islam. He’s never said anything about the free practice of the Muslim religion in the United States. He proposed putting a temporary halt to Muslim immigration, a sensible measure given how incompetent our federal government is in screening visitors and migrants. He is, in a phrase, trying to save innocent lives. But somehow, that makes him a terrible person.

The accusations aren’t only coming from ancient celebrities, and they aren’t just aimed at Trump.

Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who is running for a seat in the state senate, said Monday that her Republican opponent, Sen. Mark Kirk was also encouraging Islamic terrorism with his desire for stricter immigration laws. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Duckworth said Kirk was to blame for two Iraqi refugees recently arrested on federal terrorism charges.

“In the case of those two young people, the Iraqi refugees in Texas, they came [to the U.S.] as teenagers,” said Duckworth. “They were radicalized because they’ve been on these talk hotlines with ISIS, because they see people like Mark Kirk demonizing Muslims and Islam and wanting to shut down our borders. And that’s how we turn people against us, when we play right into ISIS’s hands.”

This statement puzzled the Tribune’s editorial board. “I’m sorry, you think they were radicalized by U.S. politicians?”

Duckworth hedged. “No, I think they were radicalized by ISIS, who are attempting to get U.S. politicians and the United States to react in fear.”

What would be the preferred way to react to people who have made it their life’s mission to kill Americans? With love? With apathy? Apparently, our hands our tied. As long as you can claim to be part of an ethnic, religious, or racial minority, you are free to plot against innocent civilians without consequences. You guys go ahead and gather your bombs and guns; we’ll be over here gushing about the beauty of your peaceful religion.

What could go wrong?