For the last three years straight, the mainstream media, Democrats, and open-borders activists have been telling us that Donald J. Trump is a racist who wants to send all brown people out of America forever. For the last three weeks, that rhetoric has hit an all-time high (low?) as the Democrats manufacture a “family separation crisis” at the border in the name of winning the midterms. Trump has been compared to Hitler more often in the last month than in his first three years of political life combined, and believe us, that’s really saying something.

You know what else says something? The new job approval poll from Harvard/Harris, which shows that President Trump is up TEN POINTS with Hispanic voters!


See, it turns out that Hispanic-Americans refuse to be the demographic pawns of the Democratic Party. Fiercely conservative in many ways, native-born Hispanics, second-generation immigrants, and many, many people who have come to this country (legally) for a better life think that President Trump is doing the exact right thing by putting a stop to illegal immigration. In many instances, these individuals know better than anyone what kind of destruction is wrought on our country by those who flood the border. They, better than anyone, know the caliber of people sneaking over the fence. Not only is this immigration crisis an insult to law-abiding, productive Hispanics, it poses a threat to their own livelihoods, neighborhoods, and reputations. No wonder they are flocking to Trump like never before.

Another thing: We don’t have any data on this, but we suspect that many Hispanic voters are getting sick and tired of listening to the left call Trump a “racist” for wanting to crack down on illegal immigration. In a way, this is the greatest insult of all. You can compare it to Democrats who say it’s “racist” to suspend black students at a higher rate than whites. Well, no, it’s only racist if white students are committing infractions at the same rate. They aren’t. Likewise, Trump’s crackdown on Hispanics who are breaking the law should in no way reflect on Hispanics who aren’t. Law-abiding Hispanic migrants who came here the right way should be incensed at being thrown into the same category, but the media and the left does this CONSTANTLY.

Not that long ago, Republicans believed that the only way to retain relevance in an American with shifting demographics was to go all-in on amnesty and leave the hardline immigration arguments behind forever. Trump has put that theory into a coffin, nailed it shut, and buried it under six feet of concrete. “Hispanics,” as a group, do not believe in an open-border, lawless America. Democrats do.

Slowly but surely, the two are becoming untangled.