The radical environmentalist movement, which has now grown to include the mainstream media and the entire Democratic Party, is shrieking bloody murder in the wake of President Trump’s announcement that he’s doing away with his predecessor’s Clean Power Plan. Oh, he’s going to send us straight into an ice age. Oh, New York City will soon be underwater. We need the federal government to save the planet from certain disaster!


Let’s not get back into the debate over the science. Let’s just concede everything the left believes for a minute. Climate change is real, it will destroy the world, and it is caused by CO2 emissions.


Now let’s get serious. Even if all of that is true – and there is still a significant debate within scientific circles when it comes to the exact balance of causes and consequences, so we’re not actually conceding anything – then it still doesn’t matter what Trump does with the EPA or Obama’s stupid regulations. Why? Because neither the EPA nor the Clean Power Plan will have any meaningful effect on this supposed phenomenon.

On this, even liberal activists can agree. They know it already. They know that even in a best-case scenario, the CPP rules would have only lowered total CO2 emissions by 1%. By 2030! It’s a show. It’s a sham. It’s another attempt to put the federal government’s claws into the free market and drive more Americans into a state of dependency.

The left has effectively painted the Republican Party as this pro-corporate, anti-environment monstrosity that only cares about putting more money in the pockets of the nation’s oil tycoons, and, to be fair, the Republican Party has done a terrible job defending their position. To the uninformed – and that includes many Americans who THINK they are VERY informed – it would appear that the reputation holds true.

But what if climate change is happening and there’s actually nothing the U.S. as a country can do about it? What if we can only make things worse by killing good jobs and perfectly good energy sources? What if, by throwing regulation after regulation on the fire, we’re making it impossible for the free market to produce a viable alternative to fossil fuel?

It’s just a little funny how Democrats never, just by chance, get behind a cause that would actually shrink the powers of the federal government. Isn’t that weird? Isn’t it a coincidence that the answer to every problem is more spending, higher taxes, more regulations, and less freedom? Isn’t it bizarre that none of their problems…actually ever seem to get solved?

The federal government has a role when it comes to protecting the environment – about that, we don’t disagree. But these climate change regulations aren’t protecting the environment, they are solving a problem that only exists theoretically. And in the process, they are creating a real problem now.