From the taxpayer waste department, a national public radio program has commissioned a design firm to come up with an appealing alternative to the controversial Confederate flag. That flag, as we all know by now, has been deemed racially insensitive in these oh-so-sensitive modern times. And while the majority of Americans still insist that it is a symbol of Southern pride and not slavery, Studio 360 thought they would do the South a solid and give them a new symbol.

According to the lead designers, the goal was to “bring a modern visual language into the space for people that want to celebrate their legacy as Southerners.” Hmm, yes, they are certainly speaking the language of the South already. How many times have you heard a proud, Rebel-Flag-flying Southerner lament the dearth of “modern visual language” in their symbology? Never? Oh.

To come up with the new flag, the designers wanted something that would reflect “the diverse array of backgrounds, opinions, values and perspectives now found throughout the region.”


new flag

Gee, that sounds wonderful. It’s not immediately obvious how this flag accomplishes that lofty aspiration, but hey, we’re not art critics. It’s pretty enough. Looks like it would make a nice design for a political candidate somewhere down the road. Not sure what it has to do with the South, though.

But maybe Studio 360 is on to something here. After all, no one likes the guy who complains about an issue without offering a solution, right? So maybe conservatives should take a cue from national public radio and begin offering alternatives to some of the left’s cherished symbols. After all, the LGBT movement’s rainbow flag is offensive to millions of Americans. We could change it into something that could be embraced by everyone, making sure that the design celebrates both homosexuals and those who don’t approve of the lifestyle. That’s what this is about, right? Making sure no one is offended?

You can imagine the outrage if something like that happened. Every left-wing writer in the country would have something to say about it. It’s perfectly okay to repeal and replace the Confederate flag, though, because no one cares what a bunch of white southerners think. You don’t have the right to be offended because of all that “privilege.”

Studio 360 claims that the reaction to the flag has been “overwhelmingly positive.” Of course it has. The people standing up for the Confederate flag aren’t listening to your socialist ramblings on public radio. Let’s see how many jacked-up trucks are flying this new banner next year before we start talking about the public reaction.

In the meantime, here’s an idea: Stop telling southerners that they have to be ashamed of their culture. Stop forcing your liberal ideas down the throats of proud Americans who aren’t fooled by all of your talk about racism and oppression. We’re not moved, we’re not impressed, and we’re damn sure not going to adopt your silly little flag.