Matt Haney, the president of the San Francisco School Board, can reduce the father of our country down to just two words: Slave owner. And for that reason, Haney says, we should not be sending kids to schools that are named after George Washington.

“We should rename Washington High School after San Francisco native, poet and author Maya Angelou,” Haney said in a tweet last Sunday. “Maya Angelou High School. No schools named after slave owners.”

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, Haney was inspired to this wisdom by his pastor, who recently preached about the Colin Kaepernick ordeal. The pastor – Rev. Amos Brown – took issue with Francis Scott Key and other figures in American history who might have had outdated feelings about black people:

In a phone interview Wednesday, Haney said that it wasn’t just schools named after slave owners that should be renamed. So should those named after anyone with a questionable human rights record.

“We want to make sure the full diversity of our community is reflected,” Haney said.

Is Haney even slightly aware of the fact that we might not even have a country called the “United States of America” if it were not for George Washington? What, exactly, would be different if it were not for Maya Angelou? Some things, probably, but somehow it seems unlikely that her absence from American history would greatly change today’s society. Oh, but yeah, she was black, so that makes her just as important as any old fuddy-duddy white man.

And, really, it’s not fair to drag Angelou through this. She’s not the one making ridiculous assertions about the founding fathers, although she had some, um, interesting things to say every now and again.

No, this is all about the new liberal agenda, which is focused on destroying everything that came before the modern Democratic Party. It’s not even about race or slavery; those are just convenient excuses to throw out the history books and replace them with propaganda. The real goal is to untether America from its founding and everything that includes: God, the Constitution, and an unforgiving stance against tyranny.

Those are the things standing in the way of the ultimate goals of the liberal movement. And one way or the other, the left is determined to see them die.