Hillary Clinton lost the election, but her campaign slogan – Stronger Together – is now failing even harder than she did. The liberal backlash to Donald Trump’s victory is at once hilarious, disturbing, and revealing. For anyone who always gave liberals the benefit of the doubt, it’s an eye-opening moment. It shows conclusively that for all the left’s talk of tolerance, unity, and compromise, they are just as hell-bent on authoritarian rule as they accused Trump supporters of being.

There’s a petition on Change.org – hundreds of thousands of Hillary supporters pressuring members of the Electoral College to ignore the results of the vote and put Clinton in office.

There are protests all across the U.S. filled with ne’er-do-wells holding signs that say “Not My President.”

There are rabble-rousers throughout social media who think the Democratic Party lost because Hillary Clinton wasn’t LIBERAL ENOUGH to win the election.

There are handwringing leftists who are terrified to have the Republican Party in control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and, soon, the Supreme Court. But none of them seem to understand that the other half of the country was just as terrified of the opposite outcome. To them, anyone who feels that way is a terrible person.

And that’s why we can now see, without any reason to believe otherwise, that liberals and Democrats never wanted true unity. They wanted subservience. They didn’t want compromise. They wanted sworn allegiance. They don’t want an America where gays and Christians can meet in the middle; they want an America where Christians no longer exist. They thought they were well on their way to ridding the country of conservatism, traditional values, and the “white patriarchy,” and they are stunned to realize that their “progress” was an illusion.

What this election showed us, perhaps, was that Barack Obama was an anomaly. That his popularity was not due to his liberal agenda, but due to his charisma and the color of his skin. Replace him in 2008 or 2012 with a boring white Democrat who pledged all the same policies and the last decade might have looked a lot different.

Maybe, when the dust settles, some of these unhinged liberals will mosey on back to reality. Maybe they’ll take a look at Trump and the GOP with fresh eyes and stop taking everything the mainstream media says as the gospel truth. Maybe they’ll realize that Trump isn’t the racist monster they’ve been told he is. Maybe they’ll realize that their echo chamber caused them to forget the difference between an opinion and a fact.

If so, we have a real chance of forging something resembling national unity for the first time in ages.

If not, they’re going to make themselves needlessly miserable for the next four years.