No one was surprised to hear media pundits call for gun control in the wake of a shooting that claimed two lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. But even those who support strict gun policies might have been shocked to see Twitter light up with calls to disarm white men.

“Hunting for my hometown tonight,” wrote one Twitter user. “Disarm white men.”

“Mass shooters are always lone white males. Solution: prohibit gun sales to lone white men?” wrote another genius.

When it comes to liberals on the internet, it’s impossible to know how much of the rhetoric is serious and how much is just blabber. After the shooting in Charleston last month, several prominent liberal writers sardonically questioned what needed to be done about the “white community.” Those questions were meant to expose the racist way media outlets cover black crime, as if the vast majority of news outlets are not fully wrapped in Black Lives Matter propaganda. When it comes to randoms on Twitter, though, the safe bet is that they really believe what they’re saying.

Is it even worth mentioning the disparate levels of violence coming from the black community as opposed to that coming from whites? Is it even worth pointing out that the Lafayette shooting took place in one of those “gun-free zones” that only keep the law-abiding from carrying their weapons inside? No, because only a fool of the highest order would actually believe that the proper response to this shooting is to disarm white men.

When you think about it, though, isn’t that what even mainstream Democrats have been telling us for ages? No, they don’t specifically call for a racially-based ban on firearms, but they don’t have to, do they? Instead, they simply make laws and regulations that will only prevent upstanding citizens from being protected. They push for gun control measures that ensure that only criminals still have access to deadly weapons. That’s supposed to make us all feel safe and secure. These policies may not be racist, but they are no less ridiculous.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there will always be evil amongst us. There will always be those who wish to do harm. Examples of mortal violence can be found in the earliest writings and evidence for murder can be found even beyond. Evil is in our nature. Make all the laws you want; killers will always find a way to kill.

Liberals want to deny this fundamental aspect of human civilization. They want to believe that every mass shooting brings us a step closer to somehow solving violence. And despite all the evidence to the contrary, they remain tied to the belief that gun control is the answer. If not gun control, then racism. If not racism, then global warming, unemployment, mental illness, and on down the line.

Never the shooter, though. Never the shooter…