While Democrats and the mainstream media insist that the “Russia story” is deepening by the minute, conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh thinks the entire thing is fake news produced to deny Donald Trump the full authority of the office to which he was elected.

“There is the execution of an attempt at a peaceful coup,” said Limbaugh on Friday. “A peaceful coup to oust Donald Trump is what we are witnessing. It’s been orchestrated by Obama and the Democrat Party. It’s that simple.”

Limbaugh admitted that he was caught off-guard by just how deep the rabbit hole really went.

“I think even I, ladies and gentlemen, didn’t quite see the full scope of what is going on here,” he said. “I think what is happening here is a full-fledged effort to deny Trump the actual control of the government by leaving so many Obama career people appointed, by going so slowly on confirming Trump’s cabinet appointees and other lesser bureaucratic positions that remain open and haven’t been filled.”

Limbaugh said that Trump was mistaken when he called the scheme a “witch hunt” on the part of the Democrats. “This is not a witch hunt that’s going on here,” he said. “They’re not blindly hoping they find things as they open doors. They know what’s behind the doors. They put the stuff there!”

Limbaugh ultimately surmised that there was, indeed, a conspiracy unfolding – just not the one the media was reporting.

“The real Russian scandal is the collusion between Barack Obama and his administration and the Russians,” he said. “Obama’s team used the pretext of Russian interference in the election to justify wiretaps and illegal leaks of the Trump team, including a U.S. senator and now attorney general.

“We are witnessing,” he repeated, “a silent coup to unseat and render effectively immaterial Donald Trump as president of the United States.”

Whether Limbaugh has the right read on this story or not, only time will tell. If he’s right, though, we’re talking about a scandal the likes of which this country has never seen. What is definitely true, though, is that the Democrats will soon have to lay out the hard evidence against Trump or the American public is going to assume there isn’t anything there. And if Trump is completely innocent of any connection to the Russians, he’s going to need to do a thorough house cleaning, because that would mean he truly is in charge of a mutinous executive branch.

The more this story unfolds, the more it becomes apparent that it isn’t just going to fade away with time. Before this is through, history will be altered.