You can’t find anyone in the media or the Democratic Party who will admit that having White House and intelligence community staffers leak classified material to the press is a problem, but our top national security officials warned the Senate this week that Americans should not underestimate this clear and potent threat. Mainstream media consumers may think that Trump’s discussion of leaks is just a way for him to distract from the scandals engulfing his administration, but Director of National Security Dan Coats assured the Senate Armed Services Committee that these leaks were every bit as serious as the president had said.

“Leaks have played a very significant negative role relative to our national security,” Coats said Tuesday. “The release of information not only undermines the confidence of allies but our ability to maintain secure information that we share with them. It jeopardizes sources and methods. Lives are at stake in many instances.”

In a separate House Intelligence Committee hearing, former CIA Director John Brennan – no fan of Trump – said that the media had gotten the story wrong last week when they reported on the president supposedly giving classified material to the Russians. Brennan said that while it was perhaps a problem that Trump shared the information, the media made the situation far worse by naming Israel as the source of the material.

“These continue to be very damaging leaks and I find them appalling,” Brennan said. “And they need to be tracked down. That was where the damage came from, I think.”

On the meeting with the Russians, Brennan went further, noting that this was not the historical, unbelievable event that Trump’s critics were making it out to be.

“I shared classified information with the Russians while I was the director of the CIA,” he said. “The CIA, on a routine basis, shares classified information with Russians on terrorism matters. That, in itself, is not unprecedented.”

Unfortunately, the media/Democrats (and there is really no difference anymore) don’t care about giving Americans the truth. They have decided they just don’t care at all. They want to destroy Trump and they want to destroy everyone who supports him. They are the elite liberals, and they are still aghast that they live in a country that still allows white, Christian, straight men to have an opinion. And until that’s no longer the case, they are going to break down everything that belonged to the “old America,” even if it means putting lives in danger. Their rage has turned them into an uncontainable evil, and we all need to watch them like a hawk.