When it comes to politics, fame, business opportunities, or just about anything else in this life, timing is everything. From our vantage point, the idea of Beto O’Rourke, whose political resume is razor-thin, making a believable run at the White House was fairly absurd from the first time we heard mention of the possibility. That said, if ever there was a time that the winds were at BETO’s back, it was in the immediate aftermath of the 2018 Senate race between him and Ted Cruz. He may have lost that race, but he’d clearly won over the hearts of liberal America – including, not insignificantly, the Hollywood crowd.

But now, only five or six months later, O’Rourke’s momentum seems all but gone. His announcement on Wednesday that he would be running for president was met with a collective snicker on the right, but that was to be expected. What was not so expected was the reaction his announcement got from the left. Only months after cheering him as a new Barack Obama, it seems liberals – at least those who are penning social media posts and writing articles online – have already fallen out of love with the Texas wannabe.

At the progressive feminist blog “Shakesville,” writer Melissa McEwan was less-than-impressed with O’Rourke’s announcement. Bristling at O’Rourke’s suggestion that “we build a movement that includes all of us,” McEwan said: “I still see neither the possibility nor the purpose of building a movement that includes Nazis, and I am not interested in trying.”

We’re sure that a deep dive into Shakesville would show that McEwan has a, um, expansive definition of the term “Nazis,” but let’s not go there.

On CNN, commentator Nia-Malika Henderson said she was put off by the “privilege” O’Rourke demonstrated by taking so damn long to make up his mind about running.

“He only felt emboldened and free enough to do that is because he was white and because he was male and because his wife could, in fact, stay at home and look after the kids,” Henderson said. “There couldn’t be a female candidate or an African-American candidate who could do that kind of exercise and get so much praise for it.”

At the left-wing blog Splinter, Samantha Grasso was skeptical that Beto O’Rourke was the man for the 2020 job. “At a time where the Democratic Party base is growing ever more diverse and ideologically progressive, the big question for O’Rourke will be whether his message of unity can help him put together a winning coalition in a crowded Democratic field.”

In case the above pundits didn’t make it abundantly clear, the big problem with Beto is that he’s a WHITE MALE.

And that apparently just doesn’t cut it in today’s Democratic Party. Sorry, Beto, you were just a little too late to the game.