(TotalConservative.com) – Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is out of the mayor’s race as of Tuesday, February 28th. Lightfoot lost her bid against challengers Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson who will continue to an April 4th runoff to see who ultimately wins, per the AP.

Vallas is the law and order candidate, backed by the Chicago Police Union. He’s promising ~2,000 more police officers on the streets and a safer Chicago. He also wants to uproot some corruption promotion practices, rebuild the ranks of detectives, and build a new crime lab for more efficient processing of evidence.

Brandon Johnson is a commissioner from Cook County who is endorsed by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. Prior to her loss, Lightfoot criticized Johnson claiming he “wants to cut your police,” and he regularly spouts far-leftist rhetoric along those lines. He was hesitant to admit an interest in cutting the police budget specifically as of Monday, February 27th, opting instead for a clever dodge saying we need to “spend our money smart.”

The Chicago Tribune scrutinized Pallas’ Twitter activity with claims he “liked” tweets with “racist” language. He denied responsibility claiming that the account was managed by multiple people and he had nothing to do with the offending tweets. As a white male Pallas faces the extra scrutiny of being presumed guilty of some racist offense, merely due to the color of his skin. He’s also previously admitted he was more conservative these days but was quick to proclaim his status as a “lifelong Democrat.”

Lightfoot’s loss is unusual for an incumbent mayor, typically they win. Her loss demonstrates the frustration Chicagoans are having with crime and the downstream impacts of pandemic policies that crippled education, healthcare, and social services.

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