Lying Lizzie Warren Announces Her Third Bid For Senate – Infamous liar and failed presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has announced her bid for a third term in the Senate for the 2024 general election. The left-leaning Senator has been a faithful champion for the Democratic party, spouting rhetoric against corruption and improving the economy, isn’t that rich?

Bemoaning the “rigged for the rich” system, Warren certainly has the right rhetoric. It’s her actions that don’t match her spoken statements. She announced her bid in a video published Monday, March 27th, and it really is no surprise she’s running again given her $2.3 million dollar campaign coffer.

73-year-old Warren was the first female Senator elected from Massachusetts. She began her campaign for president shortly after winning her second term in 2018 and dropped out after failing to gain traction nationally and coming in third place in her home state’s primary.

Her tall tales about Native American ancestry were also exposed and squashed during this time period. Then-President Donald Trump nicknamed her “Pocahontas” effectively mocking her wild claims. Warren had claimed native ancestry due to family stories handed down over the generations, or so she claimed. The infamous tale was told repeatedly over the years by Warren, and she used her ‘minority’ status to acquire influence and prestige, it even helped her acquire her professorship at Harvard where she was working before jumping into the political arena.

Donald Trump jokingly offered her $1 million to take a DNA test, and after the results revealed she had a small fraction of Native American DNA, she was forced to apologize. In true leftist fashion, the media published her apologies and moved on from the issue. Would they have been as kind to a Republican who made laughably outlandish claims?

They even critiqued Trump for not-paying her the ‘promised’ $1 million.

She likely will not face a challenge from within her own party as many politicians from her state support her, including Boston Mayor Brianna Wu, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, and fellow Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey.

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