One of the gross fallouts of the left’s “woke” agenda and the “me too” movement is that any woman can make any claim of rape or sexual harassment about a man, and usually get away with it.

Not to belittle any actual sex crimes, but for a certain type of woman, “wokeness” has weaponized such claims, and when they are made falsely, it can ruin a man’s life forever, even wind the accused in jail.

Such was the case when Cathy Richardson, 35, filed as many as ten criminal complaints of rape and sexual assault against two men between January and May of last year. However, it is now Richardson who is facing jail time, as all of the accusations have turned out to be false!

One of the men she falsely accused of rape was arrested and underwent a forensic examination.

“One of the men even agreed to have a GPS tracking tag fitted to his ankle which would send an alarm to police if it was destroyed or taken off,” the Essex Police Department stated. “On a number of occasions, data from the tag was analyzed and showed he was not in the area when Richardson said the attack had taken place.”

Both men were able to provide evidence that they were not anywhere near the alleged crime scenes where Richardson claimed the sexual assaults took place.

Authorities came to the conclusion that the alleged assaults never occurred when and where Richardson claimed.

Richardson was arrested, and she was charged with perverting the course of justice.

The unrepentant UK woman admitted to 10 counts of fabricating sexual assaults at Salisbury Crown Court on May 23, 2022.

Essex Police detective inspector James Holmes – who led the investigation – said, “Whenever an allegation of rape or sexual assault comes to us, our starting point is to believe the person making that claim.”

“To begin with, Cathy Richardson’s claims were no different, and we carried out our inquiries with compassion and empathy,” Holmes continued. “However, it quickly became clear the allegations Richardson had made were not what they seemed. Her claims do a great disservice to victims of rape and sexual assault who need our help and support.”

Holmes noted that the rape allegations had a “huge impact on the lives of the two men she had accused.”