MAGA Republicans Are Responsible for Rising Temperatures According to Hillary Clinton

( – Hillary Clinton is facing criticism for remarks she made recently blaming Republicans for the current heat wave sweeping across the country. Panelists on the show Fox News show “Outnumbered” responded by calling her “broken” and a “sore loser,” referring to Clinton’s loss to former President Donald Trump in 2016.

“Hot enough for you?” the former Secretary of State asked her Twitter audience, followed by telling them to “thank a MAGA Republican,” and even better if they “vote them out.” Clinton was responding to another tweet from the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank, which blamed “MAGA Republicans” for “pouring fuel” on the fire that is the “climate crisis.”

One of the guests was Lee Zeldin, who was narrowly defeated by Kathy Hochul last year in New York’s gubernatorial race. Zeldin accused Clinton of trying to divide people with her remarks. He said Clinton is “broken,” and that “what’s crazy” about her comments is how much of it “is deliberate tactics” to win campaigns and obtain power. Zeldin said the former first lady and former Secretary of State is trying to “fire up” the Democratic base and get them “to blame the other side.”

According to Zeldin, there can never be “a United States of America” with Clinton’s approach. He then asked Clinton if she was “that passionate” about the issue of climate change, then why isn’t she “talking about China” and “other nations” ramping up carbon “emissions?”

Harris Faulker then noted that it was Clinton who popularized the term “deplorable” to refer to supporters of former President Donald Trump and Republicans in general, and then said he’s “not under the illusion” that Clinton “care about anything other than herself.”

Another guest, Dr. Nicole Saphier, agreed with the point made by Zeldin, stating that to focus on climate change without acknowledging other countries like India and China is disingenuous. Saphier also called Clinton a “sore loser,” adding that this is what “continues to define” who Clinton is today.

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