Magic Mushroom Use Doubles In Just 3 Years

( – Magic mushrooms, so-called due to their psychoactive hallucinogenic effect on users have been growing in popularity. Addiction is a scientific journal that publishes studies on the use of drugs and one of its recent articles showed that ~6.6% of young adults (19-30 year-olds) polled had used hallucinogens other than the potent and powerful drug LSD or ‘acid.’ That number has nearly doubled since 2018.

8% of young adults said they used any kind of hallucinogen in 2021 and the data indicates that men experiment with these kinds of drugs at higher rates than women. 2021 showed all-time highs for the use of hallucinogens and marijuana according to a write-up by The Hill.

While researchers and medical professionals continue to use the drugs for medicinal purposes, those occurrences far outweigh their recreational use. Drug use can increase or cause instances of anxiety, depression, and other disturbing mental health problems, warns Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Co-author of the Addiction study Megan Patrick suggested the trends were difficult to explain and while they had some “guesses” they still weren’t clear on what was causing the rise. She didn’t mention social acceptance, decriminalization, or popularity in entertainment, however.

The article follows more than a year after the famed medical journal Lancet Psychiatry published a study on cannabis use that showed folks who smoke “high potency” weed had a greater risk of mental health problems as well as addiction. Co-author of that study Tom Freeman gave a written statement to CNN at the time where he suggested users of the strong stuff have a four-fold greater risk of addiction versus users who smoke low-potency greenery. He also mentioned that the U.N. tracked a global increase in individuals seeking treatment for addiction to cannabis, with the only exception being Africa.

The 2022 study suggested 30% of Americans have had a diagnosis of “cannabis addiction,” according to CDC numbers.

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