Maine Commission Wants Shooter’s Military Records

( – An independent body reviewing the mass shooting by Robert Card in Maine last month is seeking subpoena power from the state legislature so it can access Card’s military records.

Gov. Janet Mills (D-MA) and state Attorney General Aaron Frey have instructed the commission to review the circumstances leading up to the Lewiston mass shooting and the government’s response. Army reservist Robert Card, 40, shot and killed 18 people at a bowling alley on October 25th before being found shortly thereafter, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The first meeting of the commission occurred on Monday, November 20th and its members voted unanimously to ask the state legislature to grant subpoena power. Commission member Toby Dilworth is a former assistant U.S. attorney who argued the ability to subpoena information was “essential” to guarantee access to Card’s military records.

The commission is led by Daniel Wathen, formerly chief justice of the Maine Supreme Court. The group will investigate possibilities for law enforcement to have interceded earlier after numerous coworkers in the military raised concerns about Card’s behavior and mental health. Card was known to law enforcement after multiple complaints were made by coworkers in the military. He also was detained in a mental hospital for two weeks in New York State during the summer of 2022 after he got into a fight with colleagues.

Members of the commission were quick to publish press releases endorsing the request for subpoena power. Mills also endorsed the move and urged the commission to “follow the facts” and provide as much objective transparency as possible. She further urged the legislature to approve the request which is anticipated to be granted during the next legislative session.

Public comments to the commission encouraged active collaboration and involvement of law enforcement given their expert status.

Card’s motive is still a mystery. His death is believed to be a suicide and he left no note behind to indicate what prompted his mass murder spree.

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