Mainstream Media Openly Mocks Casey DeSantis

( – Although her husband is typically the one receiving shots from pundits, Casey DeSantis, the First Lady of Florida, is now a target on the national stage alongside presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis.

During an MSNBC panel last Saturday, Mrs. DeSantis was mocked and insulted by the hosts and guests, who labeled her “America’s Karen.” “Karen” is typically used as an insult toward an overbearing woman who likes to complain a lot, usually about minuscule and trivial things.

David Jolly, an MSNBC analyst, described Florida’s First Lady as “a fairly compelling political figure” in the Sunshine State and now on the national stage. He said that she represents “the brighter side” of the state in contrast to “Florida’s angry governor,” but also that for others she is becoming “America’s Karen.” Jolly said that this was “the ultimate disconnect” with her husband’s campaign, which “needs to embrace more constituencies” in order to make it into the Oval Office.

In response to the insult, the panel erupted in laughter, continuing to mock her, including the show’s main host, Jonathan Capehart, who gave props to Jolly for coming up with the nickname for Casey. They also accused her of trying to emulate Jackie Kennedy.

Jolly did credit Casey with being “a more effective messenger” than her husband, but added that she merely amplifies “the wrong message” presented by DeSantis, highlighting his “weaknesses.” He described their message as an “ideology” and called it “the DeSantis doctrine,” claiming the couple were inventing “these culture wars” to scare voters, which Jolly said doesn’t resonate and is a “losing” message.

Since DeSantis launched his campaign, Casey began to receive insults and mockery from mainstream media. “America’s Karen” is only the latest nickname. She’s also been compared to “Lady Macbeth.”

Casey recently released a video for the group Mamas for DeSantis, which some critics described as a “desperate effort” to save her husband’s campaign. So far, the Florida governor stands as the number one contender against former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

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