Without any attempt at downplaying the horrific actions of James Alex Fields, the left has blown Charlottesville into a story at least a hundred times more significant than it ever needed to be. If we look objectively at what happened, Charlottesville was roughly equivalent to Alexandria – the shooting of Sen. Steve Scalise. Equivalent because Scalise was a noted national politicians who did not die and the victim in Charlottesville was an average American who did. Both murders were conceivably committed for extremist political purposes. But the coverage of the one has FAR exceeded the coverage of the other.

Why is that?

Well, there are two reasons. One is pure sensationalism. Americans are fascinated by hate groups, and there’s no denying that the white supremacists in Charlottesville made quite a picture of themselves marching on the University of Virginia campus with their torches. This would have made the news ad nauseum even if the next day hadn’t ended in tragedy.

The other reason? The left latches on to any semblance of racism in a story and runs with it. And since the media is largely a wing of the left in this country, they have done everything they can to turn this into the story of the century. To them, the heinous actions of one man stand for all of America in its evil, racist glory. As one black woman said on that viral Vice documentary, “Everywhere you go in this town, the master is looking down on you from Monticello. This has always been Charlottesville.” In other words: As bad as this day was, it was really just par for the course in black America.

That’s what the left really wants us to believe.

Unfortunately for them, there is very little evidence to support this contention. Yes, there are occasionally police shootings that cannot be justified by anyone, white, black, or green. Then, there are also police shootings that get a ton of national attention…yet aren’t quite what they seem when you scratch beneath the surface. But in those cases, too, we hear a whole lot of one side of the story and the people trying to tell the rest of it get shouted down as racists. Sound familiar?

You can SAY that the prison system in America is just a modern version of slavery, but no one with half a brain cell will take you seriously.

You can SAY that right-wing extremists pose a bigger threat to the nation than Islamic radicals, but no one who was alive on September 11, 2001 is going to do anything but shake their heads in resigned dismay.

You can SAY that Donald Trump is a closet Klanner who would turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany given half the chance, but it simply doesn’t pass the laugh test.

But we are in a state of crisis right now in this country where most rational Americans find themselves paralyzed and silenced by the shrieking voices in the media and on the left. Our political enemies have learned that all they have to do is cry “racist!” and they automatically win the argument. And whenever they get a juicy story like Charlottesville, they don’t treat it like the ghastly aberration that it is – they try to get you to believe that this is just one more example of what they were talking about.

And pathetically, a lot of people believe them.