From the moment Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, Republicans and Democrats alike have devoted countless hours to coming up with new and inventive ways to denounce the idea. But even after four solid months of the mainstream media telling America that a Muslim ban would be contrary to our principles, racist, and counterproductive, the majority of Americans think it might be a damn good plan.

According to a new YouGov survey, 51% of Americans support Trump’s proposed ban. That’s not 51% of Republicans, mind you. That’s the whole country. And it has actually increased since this question was first asked in December. At that time, only 45% of Americans agreed with the ban. YouGov’s Peter Moore said that the jump in support was almost completely due to independents. Among unaffiliated respondents, support for the ban went from 42% in December to 62% in March.

You can’t overstate how remarkable this is when you really think about how Trump’s idea has been received in the press. Has there ever been one pro-ban segment on any mainstream news channel? Have any politicians spoke out in favor of it? No one is touching this one. And yet, even with everyone from the president on down telling the country that this is one of the sickest proposals in the history of the United States…more than half of the country still agrees with it!

Democrats had better start paying attention to these polls, because this might be the best example of an issue where they have lost touch with even their own voters. No one is buying this “religion of peace” garbage. Obama can stand up and give a speech on the beauty and peace of Islam every night. It doesn’t matter. We’ve reached the point where we hear “terrorist attack” and we immediately think, “Gee, who could be behind it?” The media didn’t cause Islamic terrorism. Donald Trump didn’t. Islam created Islamic terrorism. And it’s time for them to take their due credit for it.