Our Founding Fathers recognized that, even if their brilliance, they weren’t going to get everything right. Times would change. Opinions would shift. It was perhaps their greatest achievement to see into the future and recognize, selflessly, the need to give subsequent generations a say in their own government. They implemented a process through which the America of 1876 or the America of 1976 could change the Constitution to reflect the world they found themselves in. Brilliantly, though, they made that process difficult and laborious; if Americans wanted constitutional change, they had to really want it.

Today’s Democrats know that the majority of Americans do not agree with their vision. They know that they can never do what they really want to do, which is to abolish the Second Amendment. There’s almost no serious political support for that – certainly not enough to get through the process of amending the Constitution. So they have embarked on a journey to undermine that hallowed document through “interpretation.”

Constitutional interpretation is not wrong, necessarily. That document cannot easily be read to fit every single given situation that could possibly come before the Supreme Court. If it did, we could just assign these legal matters to a computer and be done with it.

But when you fill that court up with shameless political partisans, they can “interpret” the Bill of Rights to mean anything they want it to mean. You don’t have to abolish the Second Amendment; you can just decide that it doesn’t actually say what it very plainly says. Presto-chango, Americans no longer have the right to bear arms. In fact, they never did! Fancy that!

Voters should not have to worry that a liberal president’s Supreme Court appointees could dismantle the Bill of Rights. We’ve let “interpretation” get way out of control, to the point where we’ve essentially given the Supreme Court the power to rewrite the Constitution according to their ideological whims. That’s a very perilous situation. We’ve detached ourselves from our foundation. The Second Amendment could be the first casualty of this disaster…

…but it won’t be the last.