A man took his anger and disgust at finding out a woman he met online was a transgender female a bit too far when he strangled her to death and cut her body to pieces preparing to dispose of the body.

It happened in India, where Noor Mohammad has been accused of brutally strangling to death “a friend” he had met on social media upon learning that she was a transgender woman. He allegedly proceeded to dismember her remains with a butcher’s knife with the intention of disposing of her body. 

Mohammad reportedly met the victim, Mohsin alias “Zoya” Kinnar, via a social media platform. After chatting with her and getting familiar, he allegedly asked her for sexual favors, inviting her to his home.

On Sunday, Aug. 28, Zoya went to meet Mohammad at his home. After they began to engage in sexual activity, the accused reportedly realized that was something “more” to Zoya and that she was a transgender woman.

Enraged when feeling something “unexpected” when he reached to touch her privates, Mohammad allegedly proceeded to strangle Zoya to death. After murdering Zoya, he then used a butcher’s knife to cut up her remains. Mohammad reportedly first disposed of the lower portion of her body stuffed into a burlap sack along a service road. He hid the remaining human remains at his home to dump at a later time, the Times Of India reported.

The half of the victim’s dismembered remains that were dumped outside were discovered on the morning of Aug. 30. Zoya’s family members identified her body two days after the victim was reported missing. Following this, local law enforcement launched an investigation into the heinous killing.

Police reportedly later received information that Zoya had gone to the Ashrafi colony in Indore to meet someone. After an initial investigation, Noor Mohammad was taken into custody as a suspect in the murder, India Today reported.

Following being interrogated while in police custody, Mohammad admitted to killing Zoya, dismembering her remains, and disposing of her body at a service road on his scooter. The rest of Zoya’s severed remains have since been recovered from his home.