Man Who Assaulted Police with Stolen Baton During Jan 6 Riot Sentenced to 4 Years

( – A man from Virginia who was in Washington D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, was sentenced on Tuesday to over four years in prison for assaulting a Capitol police officer with a stolen baton and using a strobe light to disorient police defending the building.

Geoffrey Sills, 31, from Mechanicsville, Virginia, was convicted on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, obstruction of Congressional proceedings, and robbery for taking an officer’s baton which he used in the assault. He was found guilty in August. Sills was present during a faceoff at the Lower West Terrace tunnel at the Capitol where rioters clashed with police, some of whom were crushed and beaten up as they attempted to keep the mob at bay.

Sills, who already served a year and a half in prison since he was arrested in June 2021, showed up at the Capitol with goggles and a gas mask. He threw objects at police officers, stole an officer’s baton, and hit at least two of them with it. He also flashed a strobe light at a group of officers while in the tunnel, attempting to disorient them.

Sills posted videos of his actions on social media before later deleting his account, and prosecutors, seeking a nine-year sentence, argued these posts proved he had “little remorse” for his actions and was “proud” of them.

His attorney, John Kiyonaga, argued that Sills did not come to the Capitol on Jan 6 with intentions to commit violence and that the only reason he had a gas mask and other gear was due to fear of “a terrorist attack.” The attorney also said there was “no evidence that he injured anyone.”

The day before Sills’ sentence, federal prosecutors also rested their case against Proud Boys leader Enique Tarrio and four other members, who are scheduled to be sentenced in May.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently released over 40,000 hours of footage from Jan 6 to Tucker Carlson, who aired some of it earlier this month which indicates the events of that day were overblown in their severity by Democrats to spin a narrative against their political enemies by only showing the small portion of people who were violent or committing vandalism.

Over two years later, Jan 6 is still a heavily disputed subject, and the DOJ may be handing out charges to nearly 1,000 more suspects in the coming months.

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