Obama’s new federal regulations on calorie labeling are set to take effect later this year, and it will cost restaurants a fortune to comply.

To come into compliance, every restaurant with more than twenty locations will have to provide calorie counts for every item on their menus. Despite numerous studies that have proven that customers don’t necessarily make better food choices when given more nutritional information, Obama is determined to play Food King on his way out of office. If that forces a few restaurants out of business, oh well. We must always keep our eyes on the Greater Good, right?

According to the American Action Form, the regulations could cost the restaurant industry a breathtaking $1.7 billion. Guess who gets to pick up the tab? If you guessed customers, you got it. What, do you think these restaurants are just going to swallow that kind of profit-smashing poison pill? No way. Wages will be slashed, prices will go up, and many restaurants will find themselves on a fast track to bankruptcy. All so liberals can pat themselves on the back and pretend like they’re solving the obesity crisis.

Is this really a problem? Are Americans being tricked into obesity? Are there millions of fat people stuffing their faces with fettuccine alfredo under the mistaken belief that they are on a diet? Do they get on the scale after a week of gorging on pizza, cheese fries, milkshakes, and pasta, stunned that they’ve failed to lose weight for the 303rd consecutive week? Come on.

But this must be what these liberals believe! Of course they do. It lets them group fat people into their favorite category: that of helpless victims. If only these evil restaurants were forced to be honest about what was in their food, these victims would be able to slim down and cure their diabetes. How dare anyone suggest that it’s incumbent on the victims to have some common sense! That’s fat shaming! That’s victim-blaming! You can’t do that in Obama’s America. Government is here to help, chubby citizens!

To be sure, more information is always a good thing. But let’s let Americans vote with their wallets. Many national restaurants already provide nutrition information, and they didn’t need to be forced into doing it with a law. They did it because that was what consumers demanded.

If Democrats are so concerned about Americans buying things without knowing what’s in them, maybe they can do something about it. Instead of putting their big Washington noses into our cheeseburgers, maybe they should tell us what’s in these bills before passing them. Maybe they should, you know, actually read them before making them law.