Marine Base Break-in Attempt Potential Precursor To Future Attacks

( – One of the two suspects who allegedly attempted to break into the Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCB Quantico) was a foreign national allowed into the US on a student visa.

On Thursday, May 23, Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins posted a report on social media about two Jordanian nationals accused of trying to breach MCB Quantico in Virginia on Friday, May 3.

According to Jenkins, one of the men crossed the southern border in April, illegally entering the US from the Los Angeles sector and the other man “was an F1 Student Visa Overstay,” meaning his presence in the US was also illegal. The Fox report also claims that the man who crossed the border may have been on a terrorist watchlist.

On May 3, the two illegal aliens allegedly tried to infiltrate the Quantico base by posing as Amazon deliverymen. When they attempted to drive into the base and were told to stop, they defied the orders and proceeded anyway.

Capt. Michael Curtis said that officers executed their duties in a “swift response” by deploying “vehicle denial barriers” to prevent further access to the case and then arrested the unarmed individuals. The two Jordanian nationals, who were not named by law enforcement, were placed in the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

On Tuesday, May 28, a former Quantico staffer who used to work at the base as a firearms instructor commented on the incident and said he believes the suspicious event could have been a “dry run” for a real potential terrorist attack on the base in the future. He said he believed driving the truck into the base was just a test and that the vehicle “was not going to be empty the second time.” He added that he could not prove these claims, but compared it to the events leading up to the 9/11 plane hijackers.

F-1 student visas are becoming a growing concern with heightened geopolitical tensions increasing the chances that such avenues could be exploited by individuals who wish to harm the US. Thousands of foreign nationals currently reside in the US under such visas, which have increased under the Biden administration alongside illegal immigration.

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