In a blistering series of tweets this week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of using her nonsensical socialist proposals to distract from uncomfortable questions about her own wealth.

Musing over the impact of Warren’s so-called wealth tax, which would target households worth more than $50 million, Cuban pointed out that the Massachusetts Democrat was one of the richest politicians on the primary stage.

“The reality for @ewarren is that this is as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else. Other than Steyer she is the wealthiest of all the Dem Candidates. By far,” Cuban wrote.

Cuban, whose own wealth is beyond dispute, said that while he was sympathetic to Warren’s desire to implement universal healthcare coverage, he had some serious doubts about her ability to pay for it.

“And good for her for wanting to provide care for all,” he wrote. “But she has several fundamental issues in her plans. First she needs quite a few things to pass Congress in order for any of it to work. Is it realistic to think any of it will pass let alone all of it?

“Let’s be real,” he continued. “@ewarren probably is the smartest of all the candidates. Intellectually she knows she is misleading the public. That the chances of getting all the necessary line items she needs for M4All approved within 4 years are nearly impossible. I’m fine with paying more taxes…But the Senator is like every other candidate. She is selling shiny objects to divert attention from reality.”

Warren will naturally just throw Cuban in a “billionaire pile” along with Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and other rich liberals who have an issue with her ridiculously-expensive plan to overhaul the American healthcare system. But it is absurd to suggest that these wealthy Americans are just looking out for their own pockets. These people are die-hard Democrat donors. They’re philanthropists who give away more than most Americans will ever earn. It doesn’t really matter how high Warren spikes their taxes; they’ll barely notice. They are fundamentally concerned with the fact that these tax schemes are going to crush the economy, rain down devastation on the middle class, and produce a healthcare system much, much worse than the one we have now.

They are, in other words, living in the real world and looking at the real numbers.

If Warren would do the same, she’d have to admit that Medicare-for-All is a non-starter.