Matt Gaetz Beats CNN In Key TV Ratings

( – Rep. Matt Gaetz beat CNN in total viewers with a program he hosted on the upstart conservative network Newsmax on Friday, May 26th. Gaetz was a guest host for Newsmax regular Greg Kelly in the 10-11 pm time slot which runs concurrently with CNN’s “The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper.”

Gaetz received 282,000 viewers while Cooper had 249,000, according to ratings provided by Nielsen. Newsmax pointed out that it has far less reach than CNN, appearing in 20 million fewer homes than CNN does.

On Memorial Day their audiences beat both CNBC and Fox Business Network combined in total viewers key parts of the day. In terms of raw numbers, Newsmax’s primetime viewership is up 72%, Total daytime viewers are up 55% and the 9 am – 8 pm viewers climbed 44% when comparing April to May numbers. Additionally, every program on Newsmax is showing double-digit increases in key demographics, putting the network in the top 4 for cable TV.

Nielsen data suggests Newsmax is gaining market share over the past few months, with total-day audience share climbing from 3% in the first quarter of the year, to 7% as of the most recent data. Their prime-time audiences have tripled, partially aided by Fox News removing Tucker from its lineup. The prime-time share shot from 3% to 9% over the same period.

Donald Trump congratulated host Rob Schmitt on his show “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” saying that the network was “really doing well” during a phone interview on May 16th. He added that their numbers were going up “like a rocketship” which is great for a conservative network and the wider movement nationally.

In year-over-year growth, Newsmax is dominating the field when compared to other major TV networks with a massive increase of 49%. Fox News has actually contracted 25% in the same period. Conservative cable viewers are making the obvious choice, and many are migrating away from Fox News which is seen as more woke than Newsmax.

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