Maxine Waters Demands DOJ Pursue MAGA Supporters

( – Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said she believes “right-wing organizations” that supported former President Donald Trump should be investigated by the Justice Department, claiming such groups are most likely “training up in the hills” for a potential civil war.

On May 5, Waters appeared on MSNBC and told the hosts of “The Sunday Show” that nothing Trump says can be trusted, and that even if the former president loses again in November, “he is going to say it was fraud.” Waters said Trump “still has not accepted” the results of the last presidential election, which the former president consistently challenged after President Joe Biden was declared the victor.

Waters said that Americans should be concerned that a former president talks “about attacking his own country” and “perhaps a bloodbath” and future “trouble.” The congresswoman said she believes Trump’s rhetoric amounts to threats that should be taken seriously, and that the former president is “a dangerous human being” who doesn’t “believe in the Constitution” and “wants to be a dictator.” She believes Trump is warning that violence is imminent if he doesn’t win.

Waters then said she would ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) what they plan on doing to protect the country from an eruption of violence in the event that Trump loses again. She said she wants to know every right-wing organization connected to Trump who is planning an attack on minority communities. Waters adamantly believes that extremists “aligned” with Trump are planning their new government if he returns to the White House and a “civil war” if the election does not go their way.

Like the rest of her party, Waters, blames Trump for the Capitol riot in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021, and that the former president egged on what they believe to be an attempted insurrection.

The congresswoman’s latest remarks are ironic when considering all of the violence following Trump’s victory in 2016, and during the 2020 riots following the death of George Floyd. Waters egged on that chaos during the trial of the officer charged with Floyd’s death, for which she received widespread criticism.

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