Mayor Eric Adams Defends Police Against Fellow Democrats on City Council

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized some of his fellow Democrats of the “Progressive Caucus” on the City Council who are calling to defund the police.

The issue seems to be dividing the “Progressive Caucus,” with some members jumping ship after the caucus threatened to remove members who did not sign a pledge to defund police. On CNN, Adams assured the public that he was “going to continue to stand and state that we’re pro-public safety and… pro-proper policing.”

He also stated that the term “progressive” has been hijacked by a minority of Democrats who have twisted the true meaning of the party.

With the NYPD already understaffed and crime in the city seemingly out of control, it’s no wonder Adams must take a more pro-police position that separates him from other Democrats. This week alone, a man was fatally shot in Times Square, a police officer is on life support after being shot while going to check out a car for sale with his brother, and 2 armed criminals stole cars from a garage on West 37th Street.

Adams seems to be making an effort to reorient Democrats away from platforms they’ve become accustomed to, especially following the death of George Floyd. He said that the party is “not for defunding the police” or “attacking businesses,” but “for jobs” and “growth.”

The day before speaking out about the police issue, Adams criticized this supposed fringe minority of the Democratic Party as people who “consider themselves to be ‘woke’” yet have only created division within the party and lost supporters among Latino and Asian-American voters.

Referencing the term ‘woke,” Adams said “some of us never went to sleep.” He then called on fellow Democrats to “hear and speak directly to people” by focusing on issues that are more important, such as jobs, public safety, education, and health care, which he called “kitchen-table issues” that Democrats have moved away from.

With the city in economic decline, and the migrant crisis putting further strain on its resources, Adams has a lot on his plate to contend with.

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