Mayor Eric Adams Demands FEMA Stop Other Cities from Busing Migrants into NYC

( – As the migrant crisis continues to impact New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is now asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to prevent other states from sending asylum seekers to the Big Apple.

The number of migrants spiked to 1,300 in just three days this week, and the mayor is becoming frustrated with the situation. During a Wednesday briefing on the latest budget, Adams complained about the number of border-crossers entering the city and said FEMA needs to crack down on other cities using their federal grant money to ship migrants to New York. The city is becoming overburdened with the cost of sheltering and providing social services for the migrants.

After a three-day period, April 23 to April, in which roughly 1,300 asylum seekers entered NYC, Adams complained that the money FEMA is providing to other places is being used to rent buses and send migrants away.

Last week, Adams criticized the Biden administration for not assisting the city with the crisis, accusing the White House of turning its back on NYC after begging multiple times for the federal government to help.

The budget for NYC will be increasing to an estimated record-breaking $106.7 billion next year, $4 billion above what the mayor initially proposed at the beginning of the year. With a combination of new labor deals, inflation, and the continuous arrival of migrants, the city is in an economic crisis. Emergency shelters across the city, mostly in hotels, are housing migrants and the city is also paying for various social services.

Adams had a private meeting in Washington D.C. last week with Deanne Criswell, FEMA’s administrator, and David Warrington, the regional administrator, to explain his demands that other cities receiving money from the agency are using that money in a way that isn’t putting more strain onto other cities.

Remaining adamant that the budget increase is the fault of the federal government, Adams said he doesn’t see the asylum seekers themselves as the issue, but “the fact that the national government is not doing its job.”

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