Mayorkas Called Out By ABC Co-Anchor

( – An ABC News anchor called out Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, challenging him over the Biden administration’s handling of the immigration crisis and failure to secure the southern border.

On Sunday, June 9, Mayorkas appeared on “This Week” for an interview during which co-anchor Martha Raddatz pushed back on the Homeland Security Secretary over the failure of the Biden administration to secure the border amid record-breaking immigration numbers.

During the interview, Raddatz takes Mayorkas back to an interview she conducted with him in March 2021 when he was only two months into his tenure as head of the Department of Homeland Security. She told Mayorkas he “seemed totally confident” back then that the border was “under control,” and then proceeded to play a clip from that previous interview.

In that clip, Mayorkas said the US had “seen large numbers” at the border “in the past,” and that the federal government knows “how to address it.” He said they had “a plan” that would be executed and would “succeed.” Although he admitted it would be “tough” and that it would take time, he reiterated he believed they would accomplish their mission.

Fast forward three years and the Homeland Security Secretary’s words did not age well. Raddatz noted that since Mayorkas made the remarks, about 6.5 million encounters have occurred at the southern border, and said that it would be “hard to call that a success.”

Mayorkas responded by reminding Raddatz that immigration was “a dynamic phenomenon” that impacted other nations, too. He then pointed out how “people expected pandemonium” after the ending of Title 42, the Biden administration’s “model worked” and “drove the numbers down.” Mayorkas said it was normal for the numbers to fluctuate, and that what is ultimately needed to fix the problem “is congressional action.”

Raddatz then asked Mayorkas why the Biden administration waited four months to use executive orders to increase asylum restrictions after the bipartisan deal fell through in Congress. Mayorkas defended the legality of President Joe Biden’s new asylum restrictions, flipping the blame back onto Congress for failing to reach an agreement on a border security bill that would properly fund the DHS.

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