Mayorkas Expands Amnesty Conditions For 350,000 Migrants

( – Department of Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas renewed deportation amnesty for over 350,000 border crossers seeking asylum in the U.S. He stopped short of reopening the application process to allow more people to apply for the amnesty, despite vocal objections from radical leftists who want everyone in the world to live here.

The “Temporary Protection Status” (TPS) will apply to people from Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, and El Salvador. It will give those covered an additional year and a half of time living in the U.S. without fears of imminent deportation. Many radicals were miffed Mayorkas did not reopen the application process to allow more people to stay here without fear of being sent back to their countries of origin.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) suggested Mayorkas was suffering from “political fear” and that the Biden administration needed to “do the right thing” to protect people from being sent back to their home countries, calling them “not safe.”

TPS is theoretically meant to cover applicants who are escaping a natural disaster or war. It is not meant to be broadly applied to everyone who crosses U.S. borders illegally and then cries they can’t go home. For example, roughly a quarter of a million Salvadorans are still living in the U.S. under TPS protections after a series of earthquakes in 2001 left the country severely damaged. Mayorkas believes El Salvador has still not recovered over two decades later enough to send those people home.

Another 85,000 from Nicaragua and Honduras have been here since 1998 due to Hurricane Mitch and the damage they suffered. They’re still fine to stay for “safety.” The Biden administration’s stance seems contradictory: if it’s not safe for those people to return, how can they fail to let more people stay for the same reason?

The Democratic party frequently talks about “safety” and “inclusion” but when it comes to the safety of the country and including the views of people who are legal citizens and legal immigrants, conservatives see Democrats as apathetic.

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