McCarthy GRILLS Reporter Until She Admits Biden Lied

( – The Democrats have repeatedly claimed that there was “no evidence” of wrongdoing uncovered by Republican investigations into Joe Biden’s family’s finances, Hunter Biden’s laptop, or the weaponization of the federal government. The White House is so adamant about pushing this naked lie that they advised the press on how to report the news. In response, Speaker Kevin McCarthy instructed the House to officially begin impeachment proceedings against the President.

A clip of McCarthy blew up on social media on Thursday, September 14th when he pushed back on a question from AP reporter Farnoush Amiri after she implied there hasn’t been an impeachable offense yet revealed by the investigations.

McCarthy informed Amiri that the inquiry they were launching was not yet an impeachment and that the purpose was to acquire more information to address the serious discovery uncovered thus far. He then asked her directly if she was “concerned” about everything they’ve revealed thus far and then proceeded to list the evidence they wanted to investigate further.

McCarthy asked her if she believed President Biden’s claim that he never spoke to his son about business or finances. She said she couldn’t answer. McCarthy asked if she believed he was on conference calls and doing business dinners with Hunter Biden to which she replied that testimony has indicated such.

McCarthy also asked about a $143,000 Porsche Hunter Biden was on video driving that he purchased with cash and about a $3 million payment from a Russian oligarch to Biden-controlled shell companies. Amiri shot back that lying wasn’t an impeachable offense. McCarthy replied that they want answers and that the American people also want answers.

GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz said it forced Amiri to admit there was credible evidence requiring further investigation by Congress.

Conservatives across social media shared the clip as indicative of the dual realities we inhabit across the political aisle. Conservative commentator Matt Whitlock pointed out that the interaction is a direct result of the White House instructing the media on how to report the news. Conservative Steve Guest suggested that the AP was getting “bankroll” from “left-wing” organizations and this kind of behavior is what they purchase with their generous donations.

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