In a statement on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that even though most Senate Democrats have voted for a reasonable border crisis bill, her caucus in the House was unable to accept the terms of the legislation. On the same day that the House’s ridiculous version of the bill was overwhelmingly rejected by the Senate (and it would have been vetoed by Trump even if it had passed), Pelosi said she could not vote for the new bill unless it included a few more compromises.

Among the things Pelosi wants to see are limits on how long the government can detain underage illegal immigrants in border facilities. She also argued that the bill should contain new methods of processing newly-arrived migrants that are “culturally, linguistically, and religiously appropriate.”

Let the eye-rolling commence.

“For the children, we must do the best we can,” she said.

Imagine it being 2019, and politicians are still using phrases like “for the children” without any hint of irony. Children who don’t belong in America, no less! We suppose it’s better than Elizabeth Warren’s “mamas and babies,” but not by much.

Mind you, this is a bill that passed the Senate 84-8. This is a bill that would provide adequate funding to the federal Health Department, thus removing the funding obstacles that have turned these detention centers into showcases of filth. That’s exactly what the Democrats have been screaming about for the last two months straight! And now Pelosi doesn’t want to pass the damn bill unless she gets language that will satisfy the far-left radicals in the House? It’s getting really stupid in Washington. Really stupid.

In remarks to the press, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sneered at the state of politics in the lower chamber.

“They had to drag their bill way to the left to earn the support of most Democrats,” McConnell said. “As a result, the House has not made much progress toward actually making a law, just more resistance theater.”

Resistance theater. That’s the perfect phrase to describe what Democrats have been doing since they took the House majority in January. We suppose their nonsense plays well in the liberal blogosphere, but when it comes to actually getting things done at the border, it’s worthless.