In a New York Times story from Monday, the paper noted that the Democratic Attorneys General Association will require candidates to “publicly state their support of abortion rights” if they are to win an endorsement from the group.

The DAGA provides campaigns with considerable assistance including financial aid, deep-dives on data, and help with public messaging, so their decision to turn abortion rights into a litmus test is a significant ground shift in Democratic politics. While it’s rare to come across a national (or even state-level) Democrat who does not endorse the “pro-choice” position, such candidates are still out there. If the party drives them out, it will only accelerate the Democratic Party’s hard shift to the left.

But for a moment, let’s forget about this story as it pertains to politics and concentrate instead on The New York Times. Because far more disturbing than the news itself was this line, where the paper went to bizarre lengths to deny that a fetus is a human being: “Gov. John Bel Edwards, of Louisiana, a rare Democratic officeholder in the South, who won re-election on Saturday, after campaigning on his opposition to abortion and support for a state law barring abortion after the pulsing of what becomes the fetus’s heart can be detected.”

After the what? The pulsing of what becomes the fetus’s heart? Are you actually serious right now?

We call that…a heart. Unless we’re behind on our biology, we’re not sure there exists any such classification as a “pre-heart,” or whatever it is the Times is trying to get across here. All we see is an awkward and sickening attempt to avoid the grim truth at the heart of the abortion debate: That we’re talking about the lives of human beings. Or, we suppose we should say “the grim truth at what becomes the heart of the abortion debate.”

Indeed, as the Washington Examiner points out, the Times is actually going further than PLANNED FRIGGIN’ PARENTHOOD in denying the humanity of the unborn.

“What happens during week 5-6?” of pregnancy, Planned Parenthood’s website asks. Well, for one thing: “A very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop.”

Are you sure you don’t mean a pre-heart, guys?

When the media is more extreme than Planned Parenthood on abortion, you know things have really gone off the rails.