The mainstream media steadfastly refused to report on a video that the Muslim American Society of Philadelphia posted on their Facebook page until after the group had removed it and denounced it, thus giving them the positive side of the spotlight. The video, which showed Muslim children speaking in Arabic about brutally evil topics like chopping off the heads of the infidels, was ultimately condemned by the Muslim American Society’s Ayman Hammous.

“It does not represent our understanding of Islam,” said Hammous, “nor the understanding of the mainstream Muslim community.”

This would be like – as several conservative observers noted – if the Washington Post had only reported on the Covington Catholic kids after the videos showing the true story emerged. Until and unless they were able to present the Muslim community in the peaceful, holy light that the media always reserves for them, they weren’t going to touch this story with a ten-foot pole.

“We will sacrifice our souls without hesitation, we will chop off their heads,” one of the children in the video said, according to a translation performed by the Middle East Media Research Institute. The children then spoke of taking back Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque from the Jews.

Elsewhere in the video, the kids dance along with an Islamist revolutionary anthem which includes the lyrics: “Those who do not accept oppression should assert themselves.” We’re sure there is an entirely benign interpretation to that line, just as there always is when disturbing quotes from the Quran and other Islamic texts are recited. Only Islam is given the undying benefit of the doubt. Whether that’s because of political correctness or mortal terror, we’re not sure.

Iftekhar Hussain of CAIR said that the video was theologically incorrect, seeing as how Islamic tradition “categorically rejects either speech or actions that harm in any way our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

Sure. Sure it does.

“CNN wrote 23 articles on Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann,” noted conservative writer Ryan Saavedra. “CNN has *not* reported on the kids in Philadelphia who were allegedly singing about chopping people’s heads off.”

Well, none of those kids were wearing MAGA hats, so it’s not news.