No one’s buying that Donald Trump is America’s 21st century answer to Adolf Hitler anymore. No one’s interested in hearing how impossibly racist his quest to end illegal immigration is. And after the enormous success of the GOP tax bill, there isn’t even much room for the liberal media to attack him for being lazy and incompetent. In fact, if you look back over the past year, you cannot deny that he has been one of the most proactive and effect presidents we’ve ever had. This situation leaves the media with very little on which to attack Trump. Yes, they still have the charred remnants of the Russia scandal, but Americans are beginning to see that for the hoax that it is as well. Besides, that’s just one thing, and readers need new scandals to keep them interested.

So what now? Just start covering Trump’s presidency in a fair, unbiased, and objective way and leave the hysteria for the 2020 election?

Hell no! Instead, the media is being forced to dig ever deeper in their barrel of tricks to come up with exciting new scandals they can throw at the administration. Scandals like…(cue Associated Press)…the fact that Trump didn’t hold any official state dinners in 2017.

The horror!

From the AP:

President Donald Trump couldn’t stop talking about the red carpets, military parades and fancy dinners that were lavished upon him during state visits on his recent tour of Asia. “Magnificent,” he declared at one point on the trip.

But Trump has yet to reciprocate, making him the first president in almost a century to close his first year in office without welcoming a visiting counterpart to the U.S. with similar trappings.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said there is no “singular reason” why Trump hasn’t extended a state visit invitation yet, but added that the administration hopes to schedule a visit early in 2018. Sanders gave no hints about which of Trump’s foreign counterparts are being considered for the diplomatic honor.

We’re not even sure the point the AP is getting at in their story, other than the vague assertion that he’s the first president since Calvin Coolidge not to invite world leaders to a state dinner in his first year as president. To which we can only say what we imagine most readers will say: Um, who cares?