Now, unlike the catastrophe that is allowing men to compete in women’s sports, this news story doesn’t completely outrage us. After all, what is really the point of having a “Women’s Prize for Fiction” in the first place? In competitive sports, there is clearly an objective difference between men and women, and men have inherent athletic advantages over women. It makes perfect sense to split them into different categories, because otherwise men would dominate every sport, and it wouldn’t even be close or fair. But writing? We’re pretty sure the field is already level.

Even so, if you’re going to have an award that’s supposed to go to “WOMEN IN FICTION,” then doesn’t it stand to reason that you would limit eligible recipients to – oh, we don’t know – ACTUAL WOMEN?

But this is 2020, and “reason” doesn’t factor into the discussion anymore.

“The Women’s Prize for fiction was founded 25 years ago to honor, celebrate and champion women’s voices, and to shine a spotlight on phenomenal fiction written by women,” said Joanna Prior, Chair of Trustees. “Over the past quarter of a century, the prize has publicly championed and amplified a diverse breadth of women’s voices, and holds the principle of freedom of expression among its core values.

“As a Prize which celebrates the voices of women and the experience of being a woman in all it’s a varied forms, we are proud to include as eligible for submission full-length novels written in English by all women,” she continued. “In terms and conditions, the word woman equates to a cis woman, a transgender woman, or anyone who is legally defined as a woman or of the female sex. The trustees of the Women’s Prize Trust would like to reassert that we are firmly opposed to any form of discrimination or prejudice on the basis of race, sexuality, or gender identity.”

Put into English (which just happened to be mentioned in the above statement), this means: Because of the current politically-correct, idiotic cultural circumstances we find ourselves in, we can no longer “discriminate” against men who believe they are women IN THEIR HEADS.

“Trans women are women,” said one proud progressive on social media. “This is a huge step forward. The Women’s Prize is so incredibly important and should be celebrated as such.”

Well, we don’t exactly know what importance this award had before today, but whatever meaning it did have has been erased by the committee’s decision to include MEN in an award meant for women.

Sorry, but this doesn’t seem obvious to literally everyone on the planet? Sometimes it feels like we’re in the middle of some elaborate practical joke that the entire mainstream cultural world is in on except for us and J.K. Rowling. If so, we’re ready for the big “gotcha” moment, because this one has gone on long enough.