The Democrats announced last week that their new slogan for the 2018 midterm elections would be “For the People,” but they may want to watch what one of their congressmen from New York has cooked up. We can see it now: “For Menstrual Equity, Vote Democrats This Fall!”

Just when we thought this party couldn’t get any sillier.

Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) has gone on a one-man crusade to get taxpayers to foot the bill for tampons on Capitol Hill. While running for reelection and simultaneously making a bid to be the next attorney general of New York, Maloney has somehow carved out enough time to rail against the House Finance Office, which refused to reimburse him the $37 he spent outfitting his female staffers with tampons. Maloney, though he has had much to say about this grave injustice, has yet to indicate the obstacles preventing these staffers from…buying their own.

But we digress.

“My office recently got smacked down by the powers that be in the House because we had the temerity to offer feminine hygiene products for the women who work for me,” he said. “By the way, a majority of my staff is female and we have a million people come through our office, and we provide things like paper towels, or tissues, or first aid, like Band-Aids, supplies that people need. And those are paid for by an office budget. Pretty normal stuff.”

He said that “we thought it was crazy” that the office supply budget would not extend to providing tampons. “Tampons,” he was informed, “are not an office supply, but a personal care item.”

Unless there are uses for Tampax that we’re not familiar with, we would tend to agree.

Thankfully for Maloney, his female staffers and, we assume, the carpets lining the halls of the Capitol Building, this story has a happy ending. In response to the story, supporters sent in dozens of boxes of tampons to the lawmaker’s office, ensuring that his staffers will not have to rely on the taxpayers (or, you know, their own paychecks) to stay fresh and dry.

“I want to make sure every office on the Hill is welcoming to female staff and visitors—and thanks to the generosity of the American people—they will be,” Maloney said in a press release that claims his office is now home to more than 500 boxes of tampons.

In a video filmed for TMZ, Maloney said he would not stop fighting for “menstrual equity” in the workplace.

“People wrote notes, they gave us stories about what they’ve experienced in their own lives, and now we went from having none of these products available to folks, to the point where we’re now providing them to offices all over Capitol Hill because of the generosity of people who are watching who understood that menstrual equity is a real issue for folks in many areas of the country, in many walks of life and we should take seriously women’s issues the same way we take men’s,” he told the gossip site.

Yes, well, that’s what we count on you Democrats to do: Find the most serious issues and take them most seriously. Where would our country be without you?