Mercola, Employee Bank Accounts Shut Down by Chase

( – Mercola Market and some of its employees were surprised to discover that Chase Bank had completely shut down their bank accounts, with some of them told that even their children would be unwelcome at the bank in the future, according to Florida’s Voice.

In a response to their report, Chase Bank claimed they did not shut down the accounts for “political affiliations,” but claimed they could not give the specific reasons due to “privacy concerns.”

Mercola Market is a website founded by Dr. Joseph Mercola, an outspoken critic of the medical industry. His website markets products including health foods, supplements, beverages, and pet care products. Mercola is incredibly controversial and contrarian in his medical opinions, he also co-wrote a book about the pandemic and what he believes to be the deceptive practices of medical authorities during that time.

Mercola has been a practicing physician since 1985, and his website is the largest natural health vendor on the web.

A letter dated July 13th was received by the company itself, its CFO, CEO, and some of their family members simply stating that their accounts were to be closed. The only reason they gave for the shutdowns was “unexpected activity” on their bank accounts.

Mercola CEO Steve Rye received a voicemail from a Chase representative claiming that the particular reason could not be disclosed “for legal reasons.” Rye told reporters with Florida’s Voice that he believed the shutdowns were due to Mercola’s controversial opinions on the pandemic. Rye also said that his children will be unable to open accounts with Chase.

Mercola CFO Amanda Legaspi said that both she and her college-aged son had their accounts closed. Legaspi’s husband is bedridden and living in the Philippines. Closing her account is severely interfering with her ability to cover his financial needs.

Mercola has previously documented attempts to censor him for his political and medical opinions. He believes this is just the latest attempt to attack him for providing alternative perspectives on medicine and health that the establishment doesn’t want people to hear.

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