The Mexican government is mounting a rushed effort to turn as many of their former citizens into American citizens as they can ahead of the November elections. Terrified that Donald Trump could make it much harder for Mexican immigrants to wantonly disregard our laws, the country is opening up their consulates in Chicago, Dallas, and elsewhere to permanent U.S. residents who are eligible for citizenship. And though Mexican officials insist that they are not trying to interfere with the internal affairs of a sovereign country, it is fairly obvious that they want as many Mexicans voting against Trump as they can get.

From the New York Times:

Laura Espinosa, deputy consul in Mexico’s consulate in Las Vegas, said the main goal of the program is citizenship, and while that includes the right to vote, the government doesn’t press people to do so. “Those who use this to vote, that’s up to each individual,” said Espinosa, who confirmed that most consulates have begun citizenship campaigns. “We don’t have any opinion on that, because that would be totally interfering in internal affairs of the country.”

Oh, is the right to vote included in this? My, we had no idea!

The movement to turn immigrants into voters isn’t the only thing Mexico is doing to make sure they keep those remittance dollars rolling in for decades to come. They are also rolling out a PR campaign designed to let Americans know everything Mexicans have done “in business, the arts, and academia in the U.S.” According to Paulo Carreno, who is overseeing the marketing campaign, the goal is less about the 2016 election and more about influencing “a whole generation and those that follow.”

That Mexico is working this hard to oppose Trump should tell American voters something. Why would a sovereign country (whose immigration laws, mind you, are much less forgiving than ours) be so desperate to make sure their citizens can move out? Doesn’t that say something about what’s going on here?

Oh, but this is all about opposing white racism, right? Of course it is.

Republicans have done a terrible job at countering the leftist narrative that says a strong border is akin to bigotry and xenophobia. It’s almost like they believe it themselves. This party is constantly on the defensive. They use phrases like “we just…” Whatever happened to strong conservatives who could stand for the rule of law without sounding as though they’re ashamed of their own policies? Are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump the only ones capable of that?

Could that be why they’re winning?