The trash pile that served as a memorial for Michael Brown has been removed and replaced with a permanent plaque that will now provide Ferguson residents with a lasting tribute to a violent thug that inspired a baseless civil rights movement. On what would have been Brown’s 19th birthday, his father joined Mayor James Knowles at the Ferguson Community Center for the unveiling.

According to the Huffington Post, the makeshift memorial being removed – mostly a collection of stuffed teddy bears – “has been a place for the community to congregate and reflect on Brown’s death.” Brown’s father, however, admitted that the site had become a safety concern. The memorial was actually burned down last September under unclear circumstances.

Mayor Knowles acknowledged that Brown’s death “will forever be a part of Ferguson’s history, but it is important that the community moves forward.”

Oh, and surely it will. With heroes like Michael Brown being memorialized, Ferguson children will grow up with the kind of role model sure to put them on the right path. Maybe one day they, too, can get high and rob a convenience store. Maybe some day they can take it upon themselves to violently attack an officer of the law and enjoy the rich martyrdom that America has bestowed upon Brown.

Or are we forgetting that a grand jury decided that Officer Darren Wilson was correct in shooting his assailant on that fateful August day? Or the fact that even a racist ideologue like Eric Holder could not find sufficient grounds to bring charges against Wilson. Nah, none of that matters. As long as enough people really, truly feel in their hearts that Brown was murdered, then that’s what happened. As long as enough liberal morons on television say that police are out to get black people, then that’s the truth.

As it happens, Brown needs no memorial. He is unforgettable, seeing as how his death led directly to the ludicrous Black Lives Matter movement which still continues to this day. It led to the Great Burning of Ferguson, and it indirectly led to the violent rioting that destroyed a Baltimore neighborhood last month. Who knows how much more violence and destruction will be done in his name? He is a champion to idiots and criminals alike, and his legacy is sure to live on in the media for decades to come.