In an interview with Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night, socialist filmmaker Michael Moore said he wasn’t concerned about Joe Biden’s appearance of being a moderate Democrat. The documentarian said he was confident that, as long as Democrats are able to secure control of the Senate with the two upcoming runoff races in Georgia, that the new president will graciously do everything possible to give progressive radicals everything they want.

“Obviously one of the things progressives are up against now is the fact that the President-Elect is a bit more moderate,” Meyers said. “Are you – how do you feel like progressives have to try to influence policy moving forward?”

“We have to make sure our voices are heard and we have to be heard right now while he’s picking the cabinet, while they’re deciding policy,” Moore replied. “This is a very critical phase. And so – but I believe that Joe Biden will listen. We may not always get our way, we may not get him to agree with us on everything, but I think that it’s kind of like when he says he’s against Medicare for All. But if – when we get the Senate and if we pass a Medicare for All bill and it goes to his desk, he’s not going to veto it. He’s not going to say, ‘No, I’m – what, what?! Everybody gets health care, no way!’ He’s not going to do that.

“If he’s for $12 an hour minimum wage and the bill says 15 because we, the progressive part of this – which is really the majority because the majority of Americans want a $15 an hour minimum wage, they want women paid the same as men, they believe that climate change is real. This is a progressive country,” Moore continued. “I’ve said this many times. And if the progressive legislation comes on his desk, I got to believe he’s going to sign this. He’s not going to – he’s not going to send it back.

Moore said that Biden will want to conclude his career on a high note by ushering in a new American Age of Socialism.

“Biden is gonna seize this moment,” he predicted. “You know, he’s – happy birthday, by the way, 78 years old here, and he knows that he’s in that final quarter of his life. And so, I think when people get to that age, they want to go out believing they’ve done something profound, that they’ve really made a difference. You don’t want to go out because you passed a good tax bill or trade bill or whatever, you want to go out because you saved the people of the United States. Biden has that chance.”

We can hope that Moore is dead wrong, but we’d rather win those races in Georgia and make sure that he is.