Michelle Obama Seems to Be Fear-Mongering Ahead of 2024 Election

(TotalConservative.com) – In a recent podcast appearance, former First Lady Michelle Obama acted as a doomsayer, admitting that she’s worried about artificial intelligence (AI) and “terrified” of what the upcoming election year will bring for America.

The former First Lady sat down for an interview with Jay Shetty for his podcast “On Purpose,” released on Monday, Jan. 8, on YouTube and other podcast platforms. During the interview, Mrs. Obama discussed her eight years in the White House, as well as some of her fears for the future of the nation.

At one point, Shetty asked her what keeps her up at night, and the former First Lady delivered her doomsaying: wars “in too many regions,” the unpredictable impact of AI systems on humanity, and whether or not humanity is “moving at all fast enough” regarding the environment. Mrs. Obama also mentioned problems with education and voting, posing the question as to why people aren’t participating in the polls. She also asked if society is “too stuck to our phones.”

Ultimately, the former First Lady said these things keep her up at night because we “don’t have control over them,” and she wonders where people are in all of it. She then expressed concern about what will happen in the upcoming election, the possible outcome of which she is “terrified about.” Mrs. Obama said who leads the country matters and she believes “people take it for granted” because the government does “everything for us.”

Less than a month before her remarks, the Wall Street Journal reported that her husband, former President Barrack Obama, was “worried” about the poll numbers of his former Vice President, now-President Joe Biden, as well as former President Donald Trump’s possible return. In his first official campaign speech, Biden also blasted his rival once again over the events of Jan. 6, 2021, calling Trump a “loser.”

It seems both Obamas are playing the fearmongering card to try and scare the American people into believing Trump is the true danger to American democracy, while their friend Biden is its saving grace. How that narrative will sell to the public will be determined by the year’s end.

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