Mike Tyson Gives Sad Health Update About Jamie Foxx

(TotalConservative.com) – Famed boxer Mike Tyson revealed a bit about the health situation surrounding actor and comedian Jamie Foxx. Foxx has been in recovery and treatment for over a month for a mysterious ailment as yet undisclosed to the public. Thus far described as “an emergency” or “complication” Tyson, 56, said he was told that the emergency was caused by a stroke, but that he had “no idea what happened to him.” Could this be a long-term effect of an experimental injection?

Tyson relayed the comments during an episode of the PBD Podcast as Foxx and Tyson have been friends for decades and are of a similar age. Foxx is currently being treated at a Chicago facility that specializes in “severe complex conditions,” according to the New York Post.

The truth of the matter has been relatively quiet with an original announcement on Instagram from Foxx’s daughter Corinne that her dad was receiving emergency medical care. She specifically said he “experienced a medical complication yesterday,” but then suggested he was being treated and they anticipated a quick recovery. That was on April 12th.

The mysterious emergency occurred while Foxx was shooting his new film “Back In Action” in Atlanta, GA with co-star Cameron Diaz. The star of “Django Unchained” was playing on a soccer field running with a troop of girls while the cameras captured Foxx in his role as the team’s coach. The images in the New York Post article were captured just one day before Foxx was suddenly struck ill and hospitalized by the mystery ailment.

Nick Cannon, host of the “Masked Singer” asked for positive thoughts from fans. Fellow comedian and actor Martin Lawrence told reporters that Foxx was “doing better” after paying him a compliment that he was one of Hollywood’s best.

Since the incident, a body double has been filling in for Foxx as much as possible in order to keep production on the film moving forward. Foxx was also replaced on a game show called “Beat Shazam” that he was co-hosting with his daughter.

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